IPTV Service

IPTV Service In Trinidad and Tobago

Tired of High Cable Prices & Poor Channel Selections?

Time to Cut the cord and start saving, we offer the Best Premium IPTV Service available in Trinidad and Tobago. 

It’s like Netflix but with Live Cable, Latest Movies and TV Shows in HD!

Say Goodbye to Buffering Issues! This is a paid Premium IPTV Service, you will not experience buffering issues like Free Apps, hassle-free streaming like Netflix

Gain access to all premium channels including HBO, Cinemax, Sports (ESPN+, NHL, NFL, NBA, EPL, UFC, MBL, PPV, WWE), Video on Demand, Zee TV,
Local Stations 
along with content from Netflix, Disney, Amazon on a variety of devices at your finger tips! Pay less and get MORE, it’s a no brainer!



This service can be used on multiple devices 
ie. Android / Apple iOS Phones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Amazon Firesticks, Android TV Boxes and Web Browser via PCs!
A total of (5) Devices can be used simultaneously
on one account!


Unlike other IPTV Services, this allows
up to (2) Different IP Addresses
using the same account, subscribers are
free to share their account with friends or family.


Custom user profiles can be created to keep
track of watched content separately
just like Netflix. A profile for each user.

What do i need?

This service requires an internet connection of 25mbps or higher (most persons in T&T already have these speeds) and a supported device.

Will it work on my TV?

For those that have Smart TVs, there are different operating systems these TVs run on eg. Roku, WebOS, Android etc. If your TV is an
Android Smart TV, and you have Google Play Store on it, then this app can be installed directly on the TV with no additional devices being required. 

If however your TV is NOT an Android Smart TV and you do not already have an Android TV Box or Firestick, we offer the Latest Android TV Boxes
in Trinidad and Tobago, all that is required to work with a TV Box is an HDMI port on your TV. Browse our Android TV Boxes here

How much does it cost?

This Premium IPTV Service costs only $149 TTD for 30 days, after which you can renew, there are no contracts, pay as you go!

How do i sign-up?

It only takes two minutes! You can visit us in-store and make the payment after which you would be provided with login credentials immediately and
all the necessary applications to install on your devices. If you are unable to visit us, online bank transfers can be made feel free to contact us.

Can i see a demo?

Sure thing! You can visit us in-store and check out all the features, we’re sure you would be sold!

IPTV Service