Bill Payment Services

Make Bill Payments Here

Looking to send a Paywise payment?

Avoid the Long lines! Fast, Quick and Easy. is an authorized bill payment centre where you can pay bills or send payments in store to any of the merchants below.

  • Paywise
  • Bayshore Finance / Solis Credit
  • School of Practical Accounting
  • Flow
  • Greendot Limited
  • DirectTV
  • Trini Cars For Sale
  • JMMB Express Finance
  • Lyte
  • 784 Finance
  • 473 Finance
  • 758 Loans Ltd
  • Bolt Pay
  • Resonance Trinidad
  • Yellow Pages and others.

What is needed?

Simply provide us with your account number and amount needed to send.

Can i pay with Card?

Yes, we accept cash or debit cards for payments.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are $5 per transaction to send payments.

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