Whether your a reseller or an average person looking to save by group buying, you can access our wholesale prices! We’ve simplified the process, making it easier to purchase wholesale from us and reduced our already low wholesale prices! Products are broken down into two categories ie. Products <= $1,999 and Products >=$2,000 in which the requirements are different to get these discounted prices.

How do i aquire the wholesale price on a product?

  • 1. Determine whether the product belongs to Category 1 or 2.
  • 2. Follow the M.O.Q guidelines either by, purchasing the minimum units or making an Assorted Order* to reach the minimum order total.
  • 3. Visit us and place your order, assorted orders can’t be placed online!

Category 1: Products with RETAIL prices of TT$1,999 and BELOW Minimum Order Quantity – 6 Units per Product OR an Wholesale Order* >=TT$5,000. Whichever is the LESSER.

Category 2: Products with RETAIL prices of TT$2,000 and ABOVE Minimum Order Quantity – 3 Units per Product OR an Wholesale Order* >=TT$10,000. Whichever is the LESSER.

*Order M.O.Q (Minimum Order Quantity) is 2 Units per Product, can be mixed with any amount of products from within the same Category, in which wholesale price will be applied on all products.

N.B Authorized Resellers benefit from an additional 30 Day Grace Period in which their warranty* can START when they resell their product (up to 30 Days AFTER their invoice date) to allow sufficient time to resell and offer warranty to their customers.